sacs louis vuitton One of the great advantages of

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sacs louis vuitton One of the great advantages of

Postby qee23jsees » Sat Jun 01, 2013 7:22 am

One of the great advantages of blending oils is that you can create your own mixture according to the scents you prefer. It is very important that both you and your partner like the smell of the oil you are using; if you use something too heavy or cloying it could leave you or your partner with a headache,sacs louis vuitton, and the benefits of the massage will be reduced. Create what Marguerite Maury called an "individual prescription." First decide what effect you are hoping to achieve: Do you want the aroma to sedate or revive, to energize or to calm? Do you want to use oils for their therapeutic properties or simply to pamper? Select two or three from your list and make a light blend. A weak blend usually smells better and is more effective than a stronger one.
I usually use a 2 percent dilution on my clients - eight drops of essential oil to 20 ml carrier oil - as I prefer to use a lighter fragrance rather than an overpowering one,cheap nike free run.
When you make your own blend,ralph lauren outlet, pour the amount of carrier oil you need into a small,louis vuitton sacs, dark bottle using a funnel. With your chosen essential oils work out the number of drops required and carefully add this number to the carrier oil. Close the bottle and label clearly. Shake well before using.
You can make enough of your blend for just one massage or you can make a larger quantity and store it. For a full body massage,michael kors outlet, you will need about 20 ml of oil; if you are just doing a face massage,christian louboutin shoes, 10 ml of oil is enough. It is probably not worth mixing quantities of less than 10 ml.
Storing oils
Essential oils are highly volatile and therefore evaporate easily. Because heat,fake chanel, air,nike free run, and light can affect them, they should be kept in dark glass bottles in normal to cool temperatures (about 64��F/18��C). Although some wood oils can improve with age,fake oakleys, most oils deteriorate and should be used within 2 years. They can be stored in the refrigerator to prolong life. (Don't worry if your oils solidify in the refrigerator - they will return to liquid form when back at room temperature.) Citrus oils should be used within a year. However, once essential oils have been diluted in a carrier,sac louis vuitton, their shelf life is reduced to a few months.
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